Who We Are

PlatinumDEX (UK) Limited is a UK and EU registered limited fintech company. We are built on four distinct yet synergistic pillars. They are cyber security, the cloud, renewable energy technology and finance.

Our aim is to change the paradigm by providing both data and energy security for both business and nation states. We are building and securing new forms of critical infrastructure. We are working with some of the most renowned contractors, architects and quantity surveyors in the world. We will satisfy the global demand for highly secure cloud computing, while taking a leading role in harnessing and developing renewable energy.

Our business proposition is unique as there is no network of carbon-zero, security biased cloud, powered by renewables. Customers will enable their own energy security by decreasing dependency on fossil fuels; and as beneficiaries of our security cloud, be protected from outside interference against their critical infrastructure.

Sustainability is core to our belief. We recycle where we can, including our offices and data centres. We will host in repurposed facilities, including bunkers, vaults and other reinforced complexes. Each site will be powered by its own waste to energy (WtE) power supply. Energy surplus to our needs will be fed into local power grids.

We are building a ‘world first’ network of entirely zero-carbon, highly secure infrastructure in our dark site ‘digital fortresses’.

The ‘glue’ to this business model is finance and our ability to bring funding to nation states for the design, build and deployment of new energy facilities, including wave and waste to energy technologies.

Our team compromises veterans in security & cyber security; banking & governance, engineering & renewables, digital ledger technology, artificial intelligence & machine learning. Details of the senior management are available on this website.

Collectively and historically, we have arranged over $50 billion in debt through a combination of project, structured, corporate, commodity, Islamic, financial institutions and Sovereign debt across all regions. We have extensive experience in working with all export credit agencies around the world as well as Multilaterals and Development Finance Institutions.

We are expert in arranging financings at competitive costs and are currently negotiating with nation states on critical national infrastructure projects including public health, data and energy, over 9 figures in value.

Meet Our Brilliant Minds : The A-Team

To achieve its goals, PlatinumDEX has put together a team of exceptional quality. It is our experience of artificial intelligence, security architecture, audit, banking, blockchain, cyber security, digital ledger technology and other skillsets when combined that is unique in our ecosystem. It gives us competitive advantage.

Alexander Rogan

Chief Executive Officer


Alexander is a highly skilled and respected professional, with the ability to work in dynamic environments, prioritising and multi-tasking effectively. Alexander is an accomplished and goal driven Corporate Business Executive, who utilises his understanding of major business functions, industry trends, politics/ legislative systems, and the organisation’s position to integrate in to effective business strategies and tactics. 

With over 30 years of experience in global markets, supply chain, advising investment banks and hedge funds on the highest level of trends and practises, such as protecting high value Fintech, virtual enterprise and e-commerce from cyber-attack and intrusion. He is an expert in implementing Intelligence and Integrity programs, monitoring worldwide events and news that may affect any of the integrity of the client’s infrastructure and serves as the primary point of contact for all intelligence collection and dissemination.


Chief Compliance Officer

Our Chief Compliance Officer is a Global Principle Information Security Consultant of the highest calibre with over 20 years of experience in Financial Services, Retail, Utilities, Transport, Central Government and the UK Ministry of Defence. She is a proven leader of security teams, and programs within Enterprise Architecture and Cloud Service environments. Acknowledged as a subject matter expert in compliance management, information security best practices, information security operational procedures, threat and vulnerability management, corporate security strategic planning, security risk evaluations, security and privacy requirements analysis. She is recognised as an expert on the application of Payment Card Industry (PCI DSS), Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act, Sarbanes Oxley, Data Protection Act / General Data Protection Regulations, Anti-Money Laundering requirements and the International Organisation for Standards – ISO 19600:2014, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27002, ISO/IEC 27003, ISO/IEC 27005, ISO/IEC 27007 and ISO 9001.

Clarine Stenfert

Chief Financial Officer

Clarine holds a Bachelor’s degree of European Business School in Germany and a Master’s degree from Columbia University in New York, USA. She is fluent in Dutch, English, French and German.      Clarine has 25 years of experience working as a financial advisor and arranger in structured, project and corporate finance. Clarine has advised large scale transactions across a wide variety of sectors including infrastructure, power, oil and gas, telecom and shipping around the Globe for Corporates and Sovereigns. She held senior roles at Citigroup, Credit Agricole and JP Morgan and has worked in London, Frankfurt and Johannesburg. Prior to joining PlatinumDEX, Clarine was Global Head Infrastructure, Export Finance at JP Morgan where she led teams based in Singapore, New York and London. Clarine was a Managing Director at JP Morgan for 7 years in London and before that Africa Trade Head based in Johannesburg with Citigroup. In her various roles, Clarine has successfully advised on or arranged over $50 billion in debt through a combination of project, structured, corporate, commodity, Islamic, financial institutions and Sovereign debt across all regions. Clarine has extensive experience in working with all export credit agencies around the world as well as Multilaterals and Development Finance Institutions. She is in expert in arranging financings at competitive costs. Clarine has worked on numerous landmark transactions that have won awards.

Christian Rogan

Chief Technical Officer


Christian is an IT security, governance and compliance solutions architect with over 20 years’ experience. In 2000, while employed at Price Waterhouse Coopers, he led on Digital Signature Law ratification across the EU, was Head of Public Sector at MessageLabs and Presidents club winner, was liaison to GCHQ, NATO, FBI, OECD particularly on Forward Threat Research.

He then moved to Alcatel-Lucent where, from 2007-2009, he was the European and Nordic lead for innovative security solutions emanating from Bell Labs in USA. He worked in the Far East for CSC, while the security lead on major bids. While working for Trend Micro between 2012 and 2014, he represented that company in its discussions with Gartner and was also a frequent speaker at public events on topics relating to cyber security’.

Carlos Solari

Chief Information Officer

Carlos is an internationally known cyber and information technology security expert. He has been part of the most sensitive roles in the U.S. federal government as well as in large multinational corporations. As the former CIO of The White House, Carlos was responsible for the IT systems for the Executive Office of two President’s where the highest levels of national security must be protected. He also served as Vice President and General Manager of Global Security Solutions for CSC where he led a team of cyber security experts protecting critical infrastructure for private and public-sector accounts. Earlier in his career, Carlos was a senior executive Director at the FBI where he led the development of a nationally deployed system for counter-drug operations. The system subsequently became the FBI’s intelligence database. He also served as Program Executive for the creation of the FBI’s global command and communication facility.

Doran Doeh

Legal Director (non-executive)

Doran has over 40 years of experience as an English-qualified legal practitioner in London and Moscow. He has wide-ranging experience including as an in-house adviser during the formative years of international oil and gas industry legal practice in the UK from 1975 to 1985, the financial services regulatory restructuring in the City of London following Big Bang in 1986 and the hurly-burly years in the early and mid-‘90s in Central and Eastern Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall. His experience includes being managing partner of the Moscow offices of two of the largest international law firms (Allen & Overy and Dentons). He has worked in civil law as well as common law jurisdictions and has long experience of dealing with business-related legal problems in transition economies. He has extensive experience of M&A in the UK and Russia, including some of the largest M&A deals in Russia in 2004 (tobacco) and 2015-16 (oil). During the ‘00s, he managed one of the leading banking and finance legal practices in Russia. In March 2019, he reverted to his original profession as a barrister and returned to London to practice as an international arbitrator.

Enterprise Architecture

Associate Director

A highly accomplished Principal Executive Advisor, they are a specialist in fraud and security risks associated with enterprise security architecture and emerging new technologies. And are a proven information security leader with success in developing and implementing IT security solutions, while balancing security initiatives to risks, business requirements and operations. They have gained extensive experience working in with global financial, telecom, utilities and government clients.

Data Centers

Associate Director

Our data center director has worked as Head of data centres for government entities, providing solutions and consultancy services to mission critical areas such as MOD, MOI, Health Care, and financial services, to name a few. Prior to this engagement they oversaw major operational activities in Hong Kong, and various well-known departments in and around the UK.

Siviwe Ngubentombi

Operations Director (MEA)

Siviwe has a BSc from the UNIVERSITY OF KWA ZULU-NATAL in Law and Business Management. He is an experienced process engineer and company Director, especially in the field of fluid and waste engineering with a proven track record for taking ideas from innovation to implementation, driving complex technical projects from first contact to final commissioning, securing major technology development and plant supply contracts.

He has worked extensively across the entire fluid engineering spectrum from fundamental research, through to product and system development, process equipment design, project management and delivery, plant testing and operation, client-engineering team liaison, marketing and technical sales. Since become Managing Director of southern Africa’s preeminent fluid Engineering company, Siviwe has been at the forefront of helping municipalities, industry and stakeholders address the practical challenges of meeting greater demand for clean water and better waste management. Encompassing the environmental factors, operational cost and effective waste management, as Director of Operations MEA, Siviwe brings unsurpassed experience to our fluid engineering and renewable energy programs.

Archie Yamane

Customer Services Associate Director (APAC)

Archie has 25 years’ experience in the security industry and has served as country manager with some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies in Asia. Archie is a highly qualified and resourceful leader and will be responsible for managing the deployment of PlatinumDEX’s customer service and support staff and ensuring that it maintains industry leading standards of customer support.

Jonathan Lawal

Global Customer Services Associate Director

Jonathan is an expert in processes for ordering new services, the identification and documentation of company systems and customer organizations, Incident Management Procedures, Incident Detection and Recording (Event Management), the definition and management of major incident procedures, change management procedures and Service Level Management support.

Dino Irrera

CISO Europe and Asia

Dino is a Certified CISO and Senior Information Security and Risk Management Advisor with over 25 years’ experience. He delivers Information Security processes and frameworks based on ISO 27001, PCI DSS and NIST 800-53. He is C|CISO, C|EH, C|HFI, CISA, CISM, CRISC, ISO 9001 IA and ISO27001 Lead Auditor certified.

Financial Crime Compliance

Associate Director

Our Director Financial Crime Compliance currently leads cyber investigations across the Middle East for a Big 4 consultancy and brings a unique blend of skills and experience focusing on cyber security, threat detection, response and investigations including crypto investigations and crypto due diligence. They have led KYC Operations in HSBC’s Global Banking and Markets Business in MENA and has worked with regulators and banks to help raise awareness of cyber risks. They are working with PlatinumDEX introducing best practise on AML and KYC operations in crypto and will be working alongside the PlatinumDEX Compliance with global regulators.

Nick Stuebbe

Director of Aquisitions

Nick is a former advertising executive and the founder of Lightspeed Torch. He has 4 years of experience in structuring and leading marketing & finance projects. Over the last year, he has structured teams and funding for real estate companies in the UAE, and worked in financial relations and construction projects with the government of the Maldives. And has been successful in securing this government partnership for PlatinumDEX moving forward

Tim Johnson

Executive Advisor

Tim has a PhD from the UNIVERSITY OF BIRMINGHAM and a BSc (Hons) in Metallurgy and Materials. He is an experienced metallurgist, materials scientist, and process engineer, especially in the field of pyrometallurgy with a proven track record for taking ideas from innovation to implementation, driving complex technical projects from first contact to final commissioning, securing major technology development and plant supply contracts. He is published extensively in journals, magazines and web sites. Over the past 30 years he has taken leading roles in dozens of projects for major metallurgical and environmental companies in the UK, Europe, South Korea, Japan, and USA. These projects covered a wide range of industries, including steel, titanium, ferroalloys, aerospace alloys, precious metals, silica glass, advanced materials, hazardous and nuclear waste, renewable energy and resource recovery. He has worked extensively across the entire spectrum from fundamental and applied research, through to product and system development, IP protection, metallurgical and process equipment design, project management and delivery, plant testing and operation, client-engineering team liaison, marketing and technical sales. This journey has seen him taking senior roles in every job function, including principal/lead/senior Process Engineering, Materials Scientist, Innovation, Technical Sales and Technical Director. As Executive Consultant, Tim brings unsurpassed experience to our renewable waste to energy programs.

Olumide Olawale

Associate Director of Accounting

Olumide is a business and finance consultant with 7+ years progressive roles at PwC and Sam&Wright (S&W) – a consulting firm he co-founded. While at PwC, he worked across offices in Africa and the Middle East, delivering audit/assurance solutions to clients within the Financial services and Consumer/Industrial product services industries. He led a number of high-profile engagements including managing the team that helped the largest foreign bank in Qatar adopt a new impairment standard on their $2b+ credit portfolio and was part of a team that facilitated a tranche II $40m debt raise by a state government in Nigeria. Over the last 24 months, he has led S&W’s multi-disciplinary team in the development of business plans and financial projections for several startups, aiding debt and equity financing. He is quite passionate about Environmental, Sustainability and Governance issues and has served as external consultant for recycling startups in Nigeria and Ghana. He is a Certified public accountant and holds professional membership with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and Certified Public Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada). He currently serves as the Associate Director of Accounting of PlatinumDEX

Mayowa Olawale

Consulting Relations

Mayowa is a business and sales consultant with over 5 years of experience in business advisory for startups, small and medium businesses in Africa and the Middle East – helping in building partnerships and securing loans, grants and investments.

He serves as an in-house consultant and communication strategist for Sam&Wright Consulting firm – a role where he leads 13 multidisciplinary professionals in the management of over 150+ projects within the past 3 years.

He was recently involved in offering advisory for a partnership with the government of Maldives in financial relations. He currently serves as a Consulting relations expert for PlatinumDEX.

Sutai Hildebrand

Financial Relations Consultant

Sutai is a financial relations expert with 8 years of experience. He has an active trading background, managing multiple 8 figure client portfolios in currency trading, and has managed client relations and institutional relations for a boutique consulting company in Europe and the US for the last 3 years.

Most recently, he has helped PlatinumDEX secure 10 figure project capital partnerships for the cooperation with the government of Maldives.

Maurice Schmidt

Technical Consultant

Maurice has a background in race car engineering with a strong focus on fluid mechanics. He has experience working in aviation and recently took a lead role in the engineering structure of energy and natural resource projects.

Most recently, he joined PlatinumDEX’s renewable energy division as a Technical consultant to structure resources and advance strategic acquisitions.


Deputy Compliance Manager

Our deputy Compliance manager is an accomplished professional with over 16 years’ experience in the Government arena. Providing SME advice on legislation, regulations and best practice, he served as a thought leader with vast experience of coordinating and managing regulatory oversight, acting as a key member of the IT team to develop, and maintain a multi-year strategy and roadmaps to meet short term and long term regulatory oversight objectives for departments. He is adept at managing Vendor Affiliate programs and supporting business in refinement of formal contracts or service level agreements with internal IT areas and external service providers.


Team Lead Architecture

The team lead for architecture is an accomplished IT security professional with over 18 years’ experience within the IT industry, working for a number of the top 5 IT organisations worldwide, gaining vast experience in various sectors such as government and aviation. Experience with projects in End User Computing Transition/Exit, performing Architecture consultancy, active governance, on designs of both high-level and low-level design artefacts throughout the lifespan of the migration projects. Advising on infrastructure requirements and help in the fulfilment of the implementation of applications and infrastructure of the migration. Governance of procedures and requirements in-line with the protection of the existing service. Identity and Access Management, Security standards, ISO27001, Data Security, Security Fundamentals, Security Governance, Incident Response, Legislation and Export control. They have certifications in TOGAF 9.1 and AWS Certified Security – Identity and Access Management, Detective Controls, Infrastructure Protection, Data Protection, Incident and Response


Team Lead Infrastructure

Our team lead for infrastructure is an IT security professional with over 17 years’ experience in security & infrastructure roles. They have comprehensive experience in design, implementation and documentation. From resilient network environments, spanning multiple data centres that utilise both dedicated and/or virtualized infrastructure, and designing and building LAN/WAN infrastructure, running VOIP with QoS and firewall services for multiple new global office to implementing a full security upgrade project for a secure government payroll system in order to retain CESG accreditation. They have gained numerous certifications in the field of work – GIAC Security Essentials (GSEC) and GIAC Certified Incident Handler (GCIH), Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP Security) & Cisco Certified Network Associate), Checkpoint Certified System Administrator R80, MCP, MCSA and MCSE in Windows 2000 and Windows 2003.

IT Support

Architecture & Infrastructure

He is an experienced and knowledgeable information technology professional with 5+ years’ experience with Tier-1 technical support roles. He is adept at providing computer support, skilled in systems troubleshooting, and a proven ability to administer and control the operation, configuration and maintenance of computer based information systems, as well as in-depth knowledge of numerous software packages and operating systems.

Kate Korolkevich

Business Development Adviser

Kate is an 18-year veteran of capital markets, with experience in the USA and Europe. and senior adviser to the Board, reporting direct to the CEO on funding and capital raises. She has a strong background in Investment Management and Finance, and has an MBA in Finance and Operations from the University of Rochester (USA) and a MS and BS in Applied Mathematics, from Moscow.

Ian Smith

Technical Advisor

Ian is a Savant level Systems Theory, Agile Programmer for 20 years in 20 languages. He Specialises in complex problem-solving in software architecture, data forensics, cross-platform integration, and automation, high level of knowledge and experience in Network and OS Security, Systems Theory, and project leadership. He has man achievements including teaching Linux at NASA, writing partition tables in hexadecimal for partition recovery, mapping Living Systems to software models, Forex arbitrage network, fractal market predictions, and creating an RSA cryptocurrency in 2002 with a double spend solution similar to Ripple.