Who We Are

Platinumdex is cleantech company established in Tallinn and London and launching operations in Latvia. We are built on two distinct yet synergistic pillars of security and renewable energy technology.

We aim to provide secure, sustainable energy, building new forms of critical infrastructure. We are working with some of the most renowned contractors, architects and quantity surveyors in the world, taking a lead in harnessing and developing renewable energy.

Our business proposition is unique as there are no decentralised grids of carbon-negative, renewable powered energy utilities. We will enable energy security by decreasing dependency on fossil fuels; and with our unsurpassed security skills, provide protection from outside interference.

Sustainability is core to our belief. We recycle where we can, including our offices and data centres. We will host in repurposed facilities, including bunkers, vaults and other reinforced complexes. Each site will be powered by its own waste to energy (WtE) power supply. Energy surplus to our needs will be fed into local power grids.

Our team compromises veterans in security & cyber security; banking & governance, engineering & renewables, digital ledger technology, artificial intelligence & machine learning. Details of the senior management are available on this website.

Meet Our Team

To achieve its goals, Platinumdex has put together a team of exceptional quality. It is our experience of artificial intelligence, security architecture, audit, banking, blockchain, cyber security, digital ledger technology and other skillsets when combined that is unique in our ecosystem. It gives us competitive advantage.

Alexander Rogan
Christian Rogan
Carlos Solari

Chief Executive Officer : Co-Founder

Chief Compliance Officer : Co-Founder

Chief Technical Officer : Co-Founder

Chief Security Advisor

Doran Doeh
IT Infrastructure
Archie Yamane
Data Centers

Chief Information Officer

Legal Director (non-executive)

Associate Director of IT Infrastructure

Associate Director

Associate Director

Jonathan Lawal
Dino Irrera
Tim Johnson

Global Customer Services Associate Director

CISO Europe and Asia

Executive Advisor

Deputy Compliance Manager

Financial Crime Compliance
Katarina Nicgale
IT Support
Ian Smith

Associate Director

Associate Director of Real Estate

Team Lead Networks

Architecture & Infrastructure

Technical Advisor