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Supply Chain Decentralised Network

Utilising Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) enables storing new transactions in a distributed, decentralised network, after validation by peers. Each transaction is secured by cryptography, verified, immutable and tamper-proof. Apart from the cost efficiency benefits, DLT for supply chains introduces transparency, trust and disintermediation as key value propositions.


DLT improves the visibility in value chains, as it discloses transaction data (e.g. an accurate digitised record of a text, an image, an audio file etc.) to parties within the DLT network. Using a DLT-based solution for supply chain will improve transparency and reduce information asymmetry. As all the involved parties can access data simultaneously and at any time, transactions along the supply chain are no longer opaque.


The DLT solution provides a visibility of every transaction in the value chain including all the parties as well as other information. The ability to perform according to contract and requirement is captured by DLT, building trust. Smart contracts, programmed to trigger only after a pre-defined action has happened, verify adherence to the agreements by partners. This ensures integrity.


DLT reduces the need for intermediation in the value chain as trust and transparency are enhanced. Without the technology intermediaries have a too powerful role in mediating between transaction partners.

Cost Efficiency Benefits

Transparency creates cost savings by enabling evidence-based performance evaluation of value chain partners, supporting managers’ decision-making process and reducing the power of expensive third-party suppliers.


DLT’s intrinsic capabilities are to provide a level of data confidentiality, integrity and availability, exactly like other IT systems. However, further stringent security controls and standards are needed for protection from cyber-attack.

Our proposed SaaS solution will be hosted in Platinumdex secure sites in the UK, ensuring high availability.

AI & ML algorithms check for anomalies throughout the supply chain in real-time.

Our unique proposition combines our DLT solution with an Internet of Things (loT) device for the logistics and supply chain ecosystem. Added value is created by securing the nodes, even to the extent of protecting the IoT device itself.