We are looking for investors in our disruptive FinTech business, who may be eligible for residency in the Schengen Zone dependent upon the investment terms agreed. PlatinumDEX has been set up as a UK registered limited company with the intention that it will establish a network of the world’s most secure digital infrastructure. We intend the Company should be at the forefront of the so-called 4th Industrial Revolution. Digitalization is behind the disruption and transformation processes happening now across many business verticals. However, as well as giving unmatched opportunities for value and wealth creation it also carries a major risk. The sheer speed of take up, the sophistication of the new technology and its impact on business is unprecedented. While established commerce is wrestling with the long-term consequence of the 4th Revolution, organizations and their environments are being turned on their heads. Business models are being disrupted, forcing fundamental change, while also enabling smaller, quicker players who grasp the opportunity digitalization brings to challenge the status quo. PlatinumDEX strongly believe that security must underpin any successful digital future, and that there is a gap in the market that we can fill. It is fundamental to our vision that PlatinumDEX will play a leading role in securing the digital world. PlatinumDEX has the technology to deliver digital infrastructure in a socially responsible manner, which will be an order of magnitude better than others in the world. We believe that the combination of experience within our team, military grade security and the Company’s absolute commitment to transparency and the highest standards of corporate governance will put us in a class of our own. We have put together a team of exceptional quality. Many of these individuals are already giving input. The core team stands ready to join on a full-time basis as soon as funding is secured. Details of team members are available on our website. PlatinumDEX believes that it is team members’ experience in artificial intelligence, blockchain, banking, cyber security, digital ledger technology, machine-learning and other skillsets is unique in space and gives the business a competitive edge. They will build this knowledge into a secure and sustainable digital infrastructure, compromising a global network of ‘Digital Fortresses’. These will be part of a multi-jurisdictional network of Lights-out Management Dark Site Data Centres. They will be constructed in highly secured premises, including repurposed cold war bunkers, bank vaults and similar, exclusively administered remotely by PlatinumDEX. Our first Data Centre will be built to the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) standards, completed by Q1 2021. Countries earmarked thus far include Canada, Finland, Germany, Italy, Korea, Latvia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Our aim is to satisfy the global demand for data centres and cloud computing, which expanding exponentially. The demand for highly secured, zero carbon cloud computing will be even greater. Customers will be users of our ‘Platform as a Service’ and users or partners of our own intellectual property through Software as a Service (SaaS). We have developed Digital Ledger Technologies & Blockchain Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) for Remittance Payments, Crypto, Real Estate Transactions, Logistics and Supply Chain. Please see the presentations on this website.       Customers will use our unique digital remittance payment and digital asset custodial service. This will be available in the EU, UK and other areas not prohibited by local laws. Not many players are active globally in the custodial and digital asset transaction markets, including cryptocurrencies. Examples in the United States are Bitgo and the Coinbase exchange depository. In Asia, EU and UK there are no comparable services at this level. We see ourselves as an active player in cold storage (custodial service) of digital assets; providing the requisite highest level of security. We plan to obtain the necessary permits and licenses to operate in the UK, EU and Swiss markets. To provide seed funding for PlatinumDEX we are happy to discuss investment terms on an individual basis. Please contact CEO Alexander Rogan on alexander.rogan@platinumdex.com or CBDO Pavel Fedorov on fedorov@platinumdex.co.uk      
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