About Us

Our Philosophy

The company will provide the highest level of security across digital space and in the renewable energy sector. We will deliver energy security by harnessing new ‘renewables’ technology, underpinned by our unsurpassed cyber security expertise.

We will apply strong corporate governance, and excellent customer service to our clients, licensed and regulated where appropriate.

It is our belief that we can help the world, by bringing investment opportunity to where it matters, improve the quality of life of the many by delivering security and safety across many verticals supported by our network of Digital Fortresses.

The Problem

Our mission resolves two problems. In 2018, the EU created over 2 trillion tonnes of waste which it struggled to recycle. Harmful to the environment, health and hugely expensive. In 2018, it emitted 4 392 million tonnes of CO2. The energy industry and its clients were responsible for 54.5 %.

The Solution

Platinumdex will build a decentralised network of scalable, waste to energy, carbon negative ultra-low emission power plants. We are working towards zero-emission and expect to commercially capture CO2 and create high value biofuels, by 2024. We take waste and convert it into value, including aviation fuel, biodiesel, syngas and exotic gases including hydrogen. We have identified a growing market for our biofuels and an almost inexhaustible source of ‘downstream’ fuel source. One of our utilities will produce approximately 50 million litres of low emission fuel per year or 300GW/h/y. We can provide gas direct to power stations or create electricity and feed direct into a grid. Our technology is self-sustainable, and ultimately will power itself.

The Market

The global renewable energy market is expected to continue its upward growth over the next years, reaching 1.5 trillion U.S. dollars on a global scale. Environmental concerns regarding fossil fuels, rapid urbanization, and economic growth in emerging regions are all major factors that are contributing to the projected market growth.