About Us

Platinumdex (UK) Limited is a UK registered limited company with a mission to build the world’s most secure digital infrastructure hosted in our own DIGITAL FORTRESS data centre (DC) networks.

Our aim is to satisfy the global demand for data centres and cloud computing, which is expanding exponentially. The market is projected to be worth over $ 330 billion by 2022. We believe that the demand for highly secured, zero carbon, cloud computing will be even greater. On its own, the cyber security sector is projected to be worth over $280 billion by 2027.

Our business proposition is unique as there is no global, security biased digital infrastructure powered by renewables.

Customers will be users of our ‘Platform as a Service’ and users or partners of our own intellectual property through Software as a Service (SaaS). We have developed Digital Ledger Technologies & Blockchain Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) for Real Estate Transactions, Logistics and Supply Chain. Please see the presentations on this website.

We see ourselves as an active player in cold storage (custodial service) of digital assets; providing the requisite highest level of security. We plan to obtain the necessary permits and licenses to operate in the UK, EU and Swiss markets.

Our Philosophy

The company will provide the highest level of security across digital space and in the renewable energy sector. We will deliver energy security by harnessing new ‘renewables’ technology, underpinned by our unsurpassed cyber security expertise.

We will apply strong corporate governance, and excellent customer service to our clients, licensed and regulated where appropriate.

It is our belief that we can help the world, by bringing investment opportunity to where it matters, improve the quality of life of the many by delivering security and safety across many verticals supported by our network of Digital Fortresses.

Market Facts

In 2019 the worldwide public cloud services market (including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS)) expanded 26.0% Year On Year, with revenue totalling over $233 billion.

The combined revenue of the top 5 public cloud service providers (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Salesforce.com, Google, and Oracle) took over a third of the market expanding 35% year on year.

Cloud is underpinning critical business digital activity, as enterprises move beyond the Covid-19 crisis. Whereas prior, business planned a migration onto cloud over a decade, they are now looking to accomplish the same in under 5 years.

The public cloud services market has more than doubled and spending on IaaS and PaaS has nearly tripled since 2016. This exemplifies the growing dependency on cloud infrastructure and platforms for internal business IT applications as well as SaaS and digital application delivery. Platinumdex expects spending on its PaaS and SaaS to grow at a higher rate than the overall cloud market over the next several years as security, ecology and agility guide IT platform decisions.

The digitizing process is being prioritized by business in every industry segment and accelerating the demand for new applications as well as repurposing existing applications.

SaaS applications remains the largest segment of public cloud spending with revenues of more than $122 billion in 2019. The current crisis serves as an accelerator for SaaS adoption across all markets to address the exponential growth of remote working as enterprise adapts to the new paradigm.

The global demand for data centres and cloud computing is projected to be worth over $ 330 billion by 2022. The requirement for highly secured, zero carbon, cloud computing will be even greater. On its own, the cyber security sector is projected to be worth over $280 billion by 2027.

Equinix, Digital Realty, China Telecom, NTT Communications, Telehouse/KDDI, Coresite and Verizon number amongst the biggest data center operators.

However, none of the companies listed are zero carbon and each contribute to an accumulative carbon footprint equal to that of the aviation industry.

Cyber security players are dominated by the United States: McAfee ($ 170 Billion); Microsoft cyber security ($ 125.8 billion); IBM ($ 77.8 billion); CISCO ($ 49.33 billion); Palo Alto Networks ($ 2.89 billion); Fortinet ($ 2.16 billion) are the market leaders.

The Problem

Lack of security, compliance, confidentiality, accountability, integrity, trust and transparency’

Problems in the cloud are many and varied.

Depending upon who you ask, the question of environmental impact caused by cloud service providers, varies from challenging to an unmitigated disaster.

A study by the University of Glasgow showed that music streaming services dump between 25,000 and 40,000 tonnes of CO2 into the air annually, in the USA alone. Digital assets have a lot to answer for as well. Research from the first Bitcoin power consumption analysis proved that its carbon emissions equalled those of a small nation. Given that the profit from the mining sits only with the miner, it turns the concept of the democratisation of money on its head, although conversely crypto miners are happy to share the dirty fallout from their commercial operations. Cryptocurrency mining adds to global carbon emissions, and miners power sources are invariably dirty. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has fallen foul of Green Peace despite its promises to move to sustainable energy. Green Peace claim that less than 12% of AWS’s power comes from clean energy and that reason expansion has come at a detrimental cost to the environment.

Look beyond the environmental cost and have some sympathy for the victims of poor security or fraud committed on the public cloud for those who trade in or use the crypto currencies. According to Cipher Trace$ 4.4 billion was lost in 2019 to theft and fraud in the crypto ecosystem.

Amazon Web Services, Facebook and others continually hit the headlines as stories of negligent companies became public. Health care, hospitality, government and others had sensitive customer data stolen, to be bought and sold by hackers. According to research from Risk Based Security, data breaches were up a third on the previous year with medical services, retailers and public entities most affected. 5,183 data breaches for a total of 7.9 billion exposed records.

The Solution

Platinumdex will build a global network of renewable powered zero-carbon DIGITAL FORTRESS Data Centres hosting a new digital infrastructure.

Our commitment to a zero-carbon network will enable our clients to choose an environmentally responsible technological partner and contribute to a reduction in CO2.

Our renewables expertise, built in part by our own needs to run clean technology and further by acquisition, is enabling us to plan energy security for nation states and businesses, by harnessing the calorific value of waste; and water power. We can terra-form, replenish water supply and secure all of the same, building up new critical infrastructure, solving some of the major and most basic needs of the planet’s population.

Our knowledge and expertise in the financial markets (over $50 billion raised) enables us to approach client states with pre-approved funding for digital and renewable energy projects up to 9 figures in value.

Our business will be managed and run to the highest ethical standards and comply with current and forthcoming legislation. Accountability, adherence to compliance, commitment to providing quality customer service and winning trust through our integrity whilst providing transparency are our ethos. A strong moral compass is part of our company’s DNA and will provide a clear differentiator between our business and our competitors.

Our DIGITAL FORTRESSES are designed from the outset to stop the outside hacker and the so-called ‘inside’ job. Our security practitioners will ensure that transfers are safe, that our custodial services are as impervious to bad actors as is possible and that our clients can trust us. We will provide custodial insurance for the wealth that is entrusted to us.

We will hold the necessary licences, work with and report to the various legislative and regulatory bodies in the jurisdictions and environments we operate in. This will include licensed and regulated digital custodial services.

Because our digital asset custodial service will operate from multi-jurisdictional locations, it will provide protection against hacking and sovereign debt crises (like the problems in Greece, Iceland and Russia where banks and accounts closed).